Let’s Call Me Gem for This One

Gem here. Not Gem. Whatever.

Thought I’d post on this blog for the sheer hell of it, or whatever. I mean, I’m Elm now, but that doesn’t matter.

Heyy, blogosphere, remember me? Like, Her Name’s Gemma?

I want my old posts back, as a sort of reminder of the past, you know? It will probably screw me over, but that doesn’t matter. I wonder what I was like back then, and looking at my old posts is the only surefire way to know.

Err, except I deleted them. WHOOPS. Ah well; I keep this blog because I sometimes need it.

76 followers. Hmm… I’m actually really proud of that, you know? I’ve achieved so much on my new blog compared to this one, but this one’s always going to be my gem.

Oh my god, that was the worst pun in existence.

In all seriousness, I’ll always remember this blog. I’ll post on it from time to time – not because I want people to look at it, but because it’s me. It’s Gemma, it’s Elm, it’s anyone I am and will be, and that’s special to me. Does it make sense?

I’m still the same person, though my writing style’s changed and so many things have changed. When I abandoned Gemma, I stopped calling myself Gemma, which is a shame because I can still identify with that name. It’s like identifying with a personality trait. It’s me, it always will be. I’m Gemma, as much as I’m Elm and as much as I’m 15.

If you think about it, every piece of writing you do is a part of your life. On here and when I’m Elm, I transformed from happy to miserable to angry to in love to furious to pained to happy again and back again, and back again, and BOOM, all those emotions are in a jumble.

When I was Gem, I didn’t read blogs much. I didn’t get involved in the community. Now I’m Elm, I care about everyone and this blog is me, and the people are my family. But then again, I’ve always been the same person. Elm and Gemma are one and the same; they’re not two separate entities of me.

This isn’t my main blog at all. This isn’t even where I go any more; Elm’s my safe haven now, but I still need this.

Sorry. I just want to post on here because it makes me feel happy, in a way. It’s a reminder of what I’ve been, what I am and what I will be, and it helps because it’s like coming home.

From Gemma 🙂

It’s so lovely to use that name again.

Me? Here? What?!

Heyy!!! Gem here 🙂

Okay, don’t get too excited. I’m not returning.

Oh dear god, that sounded too harsh… Sorry!

Just thought I’d announce:


Most of my old readers have found it, but just in case anyone reads this blog (ha, ha) I’ll give the URL anyway:

Just Call Me Elm Or Something

Thanks for all your support when I wrote as Gemma. It means so much. I miss this blog, but I guess on the other one, I’m just continuing. I’m done with hiding; I’m done with pretending my other blogs didn’t exist.

Thanks again!

From Gem

That’s It

Dear all,

This is probably going to sound really out of the blue, and really… Well, uncalled for.

I can no longer continue with this blog.

There. I said it. It’s done. Out in the open.

I’m sorry. Really I am. I don’t know how to say WHY I can’t continue with it.

I plan to start another blog. If you want to know the true reason why, please email me –  I’d love it if you did, because I just want to say goodbye to my readers.

Guys, thank you. You all mean the world to me. I’m going to miss this so much that it’s actually painful.

To find my email, go to my about page.

Gem has been my sanctuary for five months. My 73 followers are the most amazing people I could ever ask to know.

Thank you.

Love from Gemma

And That's a Lie